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who are we?

Ridgeline Investigations is a commercial private investigation firm that focuses on providing our client’s with accurate real-time information about both companies and individuals. With over 300 experienced Private Investigators spread across the country and an arsenal of the latest technology, we can find out anything, about anyone, no matter where they are. This allows our company to be as dynamic as our clients require, while custom tailoring our approach to their exact needs. 

Our services are broken into three classifications.

Each class has its own unique phases, allowing you the options to get the exact result you are looking to achieve. 


RLI designed Stealth to be completed without the subject knowing. 

Many of our clients use this for evaluating current or potential business relationships. It is especially helpful when examining existing relationships that are concerning you or your organization. Stealth can also be a great tool for pre-screening new customers, vendors or employees.


Some call this classification the “get the job done” or the  “do what it takes” program. 

All stages of comprehensive are designed to get results by utilizing analyst, licensed private investigators and some of the most sophisticated software available in today's market. It is RLI’s goal to get you exactly what you need even if it means deploying all of our resources. Be mindful, not all of these options are covert but if you need them to be, check out our “Special Ops” for that specific customization. ​

special ops

This is designed to let you custom tailor an investigation. 

It is our a la carte menu of all of RLI’s capabilities allowing you to choose what's best for your particular situation. We have even included phases from the above classifications that you can alter to fit your needs.  

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