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Credit Application Verification

What is a credit application verification?

When should we use it?

This is designed to confirm and investigate all information submitted on a credit application without hindering your sales process. 

How can a credit application verification help?

This is a great solution for companies that have limited resources and or time to perform due diligence on every new customer. By utilizing this tool you can stop guessing whether a company is a potential problem and start knowing. 

How exactly does it work?

We assign a trained Licensed Private Investigator and arm them with all of the necessary technology to comb through every line item of the application. In addition, their peripheral vision is as sharp as you can get it, meaning they often times pick up on red flags that would otherwise be missed and may not even be related to information on the application. This allows you to be certain that a company is not portraying themselves to be something they are not.

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