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Business Assessment

What is a Business Assessment?

When should we use it?

This is unlike any product that is on the market today and without a doubt is your safest choice when assessing a company.

What do our competitors offer? 

Most of our competitors offer a business credit report that they claim will provide a snapshot of a company's financial history. If you have tried these services you have most likely found that the reports contain outdated, incomplete and flat out incorrect information. 

Please do not be upset with your current vendor, it’s not their fault. If they had the ability to give you better information they probably would, but the problem is, they can’t. Without laws or a regulatory body to govern business reporting as we have done on the consumer side, there is no uniform structure or accountability when it comes to how information is exchanged. This gives each credit recorder the option to report whatever they would like, often times not being objective or consistent, causing the overall system to be completely unreliable. 

What do we offer?

Our Business Assessment is a quadruple threat and is the most powerful tool available in today's market. This report is assembled and assessed by a group of top-notch Analyst. Of course, it contains all of the anticipated data but what makes this product superior is the information gathered by our army of State Licensed Private Investigators, plus, the utilization of software that would otherwise be reserved for law enforcement and government agencies.  

How exactly does it work?

In this process, RLI will assign a licensed private investigator to start a covert initial assessment of the company. They will use every database we have available as well as their own personal wisdom and knowledge of their assigned territory. Followed up by an analyst who takes every ounce of information uncovered, cross-references it, and provides a reader digest version of what you need to know for your particular situation. 
With you, our team, and the data available to our firm, we have a trifecta in risk management. This is the only way to ensure that you are protected in your business endeavors.  

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